Friday, August 15, 2008

The "Girls Trip" to Montana

Hi everyone, I know it is a little late but I wanted to post pictures from our "Girls Trip" to Montana.
We really enjoyed our trip and had lot and lots of fun with Dave and Sara. We all wish that we were still there.We miss you and love you guys! Thanks for having us.
Here are a few of the pics, Dave testing the trunk release, Syd and Avery looking for the "Wolves" and of course Miss Cali's rescue!!!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Greenberg Antics

Otis is so very greatful that we have the Presto HeatDish...
he thanks us every day!
The latest family photo...Sahale's 1st B-day!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Pet Poll

We need more votes than one, plus Chewy and Vincent are not on there. I also want to know who Precious is. I was around for all pets and that one does not stand out. We need at least 3 votes. Dad

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Pet Poll and Dave's Family oriented Video Bar

Darin and Dave installed the pet poll. You don't remember Precious? How could you..... Anyway you will have to go to the library and other computers to get additonal votes on the pet poll as it knows who you are when you try to cheat and vote twice. Also, Dave has linked his Youtube downloads to the page as most of them are family related--I'll definitely flag all of the offensive material that I add to my Youtube page.......such awful things as Politics, Dead Animals, Snowmobilers, Naked shots of Lilz, Montana culture, etc. Anyway--enjoy.

Favorite Pet Poll (see bottom of page)

I laughed at the favorite pet poll...who posted this? First of all, who the hell is Precious? Did I miss that one? AND, I want to vote for more than one pet...for me it is Tigger, then Jock, then Barney.
Go ahead folks...VOTE!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Flight with Dagwood!!

We spent a bit of time with D-Wood in the MD 500. A great flight and Sarah was only queasy, she didn't puke. I hope the video loads OK. Sarah and I flew with Darin about three years ago in a Schweizer (the little one). The power of the 500 and Darin's very smooth flying skills were quite evident right from takeoff. I am so impressed with Darin's hard work and dedication with his flying. Thanks for all the fun Darin.

Red Bluff Visit

Sarah and I had a great time in Red Bluff with Darin and Lisa. We chopped some more wood for Lilz, ate an amazing Indian dinner Christmas dinner cooked by Liser with asst. Darin, skied at the Shasta ski hill (Liser could hardly sleep the night before she was so excited), spent a little time in Chico, ate barbeque at 2 Buds (highly recommended) and generally had a great time. We just don't get to see Darin and Liser very much so it was a real thrill to spend Christmas night and a few relaxing days with them. It was hard to leave..we miss them so much.